At Deville Hotels Chain, every R$ 3,00 (three reais) spent in lodging*, you earn (1) Smile mile.

With Smiles and Deville Hotels partnership, you can earn miles by staying and then choose to redeem miles in more than 160 countries, as well as hotels and other products.

If you are not a Smiles customer yet, go to the site and sign up for free.

*Room diary (without service charges and taxes) with eligible rates that allow the accumulation of points. Please contact us for more information regarding rate eligibility.

In order to get Smiles miles in lodging format at Deville destinations, go to, log in to make your reservation, choose the hotel and simulate the conditions offered.

If you have any doubts about redeeming miles, please contact us through the following numbers:

– Customers Smiles and Silver: 0300 115 7001 [working hours: 06:00 to 00:00]

– Gold and Diamond Customers: 0300 115 7007 [business hours: 24 hours]

How does the Smiles Miles program work?

Check below the rules of the partnership:

  • – Partnership valid for Smiles clients.
  • – Every R$ 3,00 spent on daily amounts (without service charges and taxes) = 1 mile Smiles.
  • – To guarantee the accumulation of miles, inform your Smiles number at the hotel, from the time of check-in to the time of check-out.
  • – Consult the Deville Reservation Center 0800 703 1866 to know about the rates that allow points to accumulate.
  • – For more information, see the partnership agreement at the link below.
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