Before your stay

Our periods begin at 12 noon of the date of arrival and end at 12 noon on the date of exit established in your booking.

Early check-in or late checkout depend on the availability of rooms. Cost free, they are available beginning at 10 AM or at 2 PM, depending on the type. Arrivals earlier than 10 AM are charged half a day fee and before 6 AM, a full fee is charged. The same happens with departures between 2 and 6 PM, a half a day fee is charged, after this time, a full day fee is collected.

For Deville Rayon, Deville Cuiabá, Deville Curitiba, Deville Maringá, Deville Porto Alegre, Express Guaíra e Express Cascavel the voltage is 110 V. Only Deville Salvador operates in 220 volts.

All units have a 10% service charge. The Tax on Services of Any Nature (Imposto Sobre Serviços de Qualquer Natureza – Issqn) may also be levied, depending on the municipal legislation. It is important to check this directly with your destination hotel for more information about these additional charges.

Deville Hotels have a policy of charging taxes and duties separately so customers can identify how much they are paying for the services and products provided by the hotels. This practice is based on agreements signed with the local trade unions and the collective agreement for the hotel services segment.

All Deville hotels have available a secure luggage storage service, where guests can leave their bags and belongings. Volumes are identified by numbered tickets and controlled. There is no charge for the service, but it can only be used for people with booking at the hotel. Electronic objects can also be stored but with the constraint of only being allowed to remain in storage for two hours.

Bookings guaranteed by way of deposits or credit cards can be canceled with up to 24 hours in advance of the arrival date, using the same channel through which the booking was made and confirmed. Bookings without guarantees are automatically canceled at 6 PM of the date of arrival if the guest has not checked in. However, there are some promotional fees that do not allow for cancellation or rescheduling, which is informed when making the booking.

Yes, all our hotels have free Internet access for our guests. In addition, all our units have a business center with complete infrastructure to address our guests’ needs. The charge for the use of the space is time-based.

The Deville Hotel chain offers gyms in the fitness center format and access is free of charge and exclusive for guests.

Deville follows the recommendations established in the Statute of Children and Adolescents (SCA) which prohibits the hosting, except when accompanied by parents, with the necessary documents attesting to the kinship, or by presentation of express authorization from parents with notarized signature, when accompanied by third parties.

Identity documents or birth certificate must be presented for all children and teenagers at check-in. In their absence, their stay will not be allowed.

In addition, one child up to 10 years old is free of charge in each apartment.

Contact Deville Hotels. The form “Contact Us” found on our website ( can be used to talk to the hotel where you stayed or this can be done directly by telephone call to the hotel.

Each of our hotels has a different parking infrastructure. Hotels Deville Salvador, Deville Cuiabá, Deville Maringá, Deville Porto Alegre, Express Guaíra and Express Cascavel have structure capable of addressing pickup trucks, minivans and large cars. Deville Rayon parks large vehicles in a nearby parking lot, partner to the hotel. Deville Curitiba does not have any parking facilities.

Deville offers breakfast as courtesy if taken at the restaurant of the hotel. For other meals, the hotels offer restaurant and room service charged separately. Special guest packages may also include lunch and dinner.

Deville Hotels have a specific department to deal with price quotes and bookings for groups requiring over 14 apartment. Contact to this end can be made on telephone (41) 3219-4000 or website ( using the form “Contact Us”.

All our hotels accept cash and Mastercard, Visa and American Express credit cards. We also accept payments in Euro and US Dollars.

This can be done when booking. When the booking is done through third-party channels, it is possible to contact the hotel directly to place your special requests and check for the conditions required to satisfy them.

Since February 17, 2014, all Deville hotels and apartments have adopted a 100% non-smoker policy. The Governance teams monitor the integrity of the apartment and, in case of smoke related incidents, a deodorizing fee is applied on the apartment, at a cost of R$ 250.

Deville Hotels are ready to address you in a variety of manners. One option is the contact form on the website ( Another is the Booking Center (Central de Reservas – 0800 703 1866). Social media is also available to clarify doubts. Facebook ( and Twitter ( operate from 9 AM to 6 PM, from Monday through Friday.

The Deville Hotels chain has a local guide available on the website and in the mobile version: containing full information about services, parks, museums and shopping malls in the region of the hotel, in addition to data on how to reach each of the units.

Access the website ( and click on option Change or Cancel your Reservation and follow through the editing or canceling process to the end. Then, you will receive the up-to-date confirmation on the email registered when making the booking initially.

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